Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Dhruvishya - Review

From : The Rusted Trunk

First things first: The best judge for you is… you, yourself! That is precisely what I learnt from the reviews of Dhruvishya. Most of the reviews I came across trashed this first of the three part installment. So much that I thought not to buy this one. But true love for Dhruva and better sense prevailed and I got to read a decent story compared to the past debacles.

Mr. Gupta is trying hard to get back the old, vintage Dhruva. He tried almost everything – new artist, vast promotion on internet, live interaction with fans… everything. But sadly, one thing missed out every time – Story! And soon enough disaster started flowing in one after the other… To get this right, every new thing is being worked out and so every time a Dhruva Comic is scheduled to hit the stands, fans eye for a comeback. This time however, Mr. Gupta seems to get the script right – not perfect but just right.

From the look of it, Dhruvishya seems a remixed version of the old classic ‘Udantashkari Kay Bandhak’ and the recent ‘Robot’ series. It would be totally unfair to compare Dhruvishya with UKB but its undoubtedly better than Robot and Super Commando Dhruva.

Dhruvishya starts with a talent hunt show to search for someone who can match the qualities of Dhruva. We are then suddenly treated with a futuristic environment where the contestant is supposed to fight off the bad guys… but it so emerges that the future we are seeing is actually the future of Rajnagar where Dhruvishya – the descendent of Dhruva is giving all he has for the people of his city. But he is heartbroken by the fact that after all the risk he has taken in his life to save citizens of Rajnagar, they still consider Super Commando Dhruva to be the best savior they have had. He prays to god to give him a chance to prove himself better that Dhruva. On the other side Bamoor – a criminal captured by Dhruvishya long back succeeds in making a time machine and visits the time of Dhruva to get the formula of now all forgotten – Nuclear Weapon… Now, its time for Dhruvishya to go back to the time Bamoor has been and save the future earth from being destroyed. It’s now when both SCD and Dhruvishya would face same criminal with the latter trying to show his ancestor that he is indeed better…

The story looks fuller and the first part serves right in forming the base for the series. Nowhere in the comics comes a situation where the story looks dragged and that is a big achievement. It’s fun to see Dhruva winning over Dhruvishyamore than twice with comfortable ease.

As said earlier, this is a good story in comparison with some old issues but certainly not the best RC is capable of. The artwork falls flat in most of the pages, the sketches are mediocre while the effects are not at all up to the mark. A huge improvement is possible with this aspect. Getting the basics right is the basic part of getting the whole comics right. Now that a good base is in front, getting the basic sketches right would help and support the comics graphically. And this needs to be done very fast.

One of the most notable things with this comic would be the come back of Nakshatra. Nakshatra, who has till date featured only in one issue so far, is still quite famous among readers. Comic lovers would certainly expect much more of him – but certainly not as a nominal sidekick judging stupid reality shows. RC should take positive steps in building his character.
The way Dhruvishya comes to an end makes the readers wanting for more thus increasing the already high expectations. With the story looking decent enough to hold attraction of the readers – will this series mark a much anticipated comeback of Dhruva is a question only future holds answer of…

My Rating : A decent and improvable 3.5/5



  1. Well after the diappointment of the artwork sunk in(took 2 weeks almost ;) )i finally picked dis up . Well being a die hard scd fan wudnt mind reading nythin of him . And its been an year long wait , so d xpectations . Frankly , d stoyline is good , doesnt seem boring ,so if u cn ignore d crappy in ur face art , u cn actually njoy it . However thr's a not so good side 2 it as well .It seems RC was desperate 2 include old stuff dat worked 4 dem . So u hav nakshatra n richa , 2of d most powerful characters in scd universe ,doing sme celebrity judging . I mean wat a comeback..DC brings back HUSH ,n almost kils batman , n here we hav a character withh unparalled potential return as a tv show judge...goshh..n richa being thr was actually funny . Cause she doesnt fit d role of ny celeb , n we knw she's blk cat , d scd universe doesnt ;) .
    Apart 4m such glitches the story has taken a intersting turn , n with d legend anupam sinha returning 4 d next part , it seems dis will end on a high . But as we say , much more still needs 2 be done.

  2. Cant we have this issue reworked for its art,so at least this better story(compared to last few) will look good..m ready to buy it again anytime...ny1 else?

  3. dhruvishya dissapointed a little,anupam sinha's artwork was missing,but over all was a good attempt,I will give it a 3/5

  4. Dhruvishya and Aakhri Dhruv were frankly far better story lines in the past 2-3 years in Dhruv series. I had initially been put off by the art-work but then the story took over and I kind of ignored the art work. It also gives a nostalgia kick (and kudos to Anupam Sinha for explicitly mentioning it in the story itself) to be reminded of Udantashtari Ke Bandhal. UKB was a genius plot and with grand art work!

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